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Nurse Hazel is a fictional character. She doesn’t represent anyone. Not myself or any of the nurses I’ve ever worked with. (If you see yourself in her … well, you might want to have your head examined lol.) She has her own personality. Her traits are: shocked, stunned at the turn of events, astonished at what she sees and hears.

[She’s so serious that she’s just hilarious! She’s read all of the policies and procedures; just trying to follow the ever changing rules and regulations of the health care reform. She’s shocked from the time she gets to work until the time she leaves. She can’t seem to find that one compliant patient.]

“I do look for something funny in everything that I do. I admit that I did write the National Egg Recall cartoon for my son … and I got a kick out of giving it to him for a birthday present. Sorry, but if I have to explain that cartoon to you, it loses it’s humor. I’d rather watch you try to figure it out – I finally just explained it to him though!. It might be a little farside.