4 Baby Spider Plants, Chlorophytum comosum Variegatum, flowering perennial herb, easy to grow houseplant, flowers white on green stem

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This listing is for 4 baby Spider Plants. They are a flowering perennial herb and will produce long green stems and tiny white flowers.

These plantlets are approximately 3 inches tall and are a variegated, easy to grow, popular house plant. They love bright indirect light and well drained soil. Place a shell or small rock in the bottom of your pot before adding soil and that should work well for you.

Using rainwater or distilled water will help prevent brown tips which is usually caused by fluoride found in water.

Also known as, Chlorophytum comosum Variegatum, airplant, airplane plant, ribbon plant, spider ivy, St. Bernard's Lily. This spider plant has green leaves with white margins. These plants have been known to reduce indoor air pollution.

Our plants are root packed in wet paper.

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