Avocado tree tropical houseplant easy to grow subtropical plant. Indoor plant or the perfect outdoor patio potted plant.

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Welcome to our Backyard Nursery.

This listing is for 1 avocado seeding (sprouted avocado seed) with nice size strong roots.

This plant is approximately 10 inches, and is an easy to grow, easy to care for, popular subtropical house plant. They love to be either indoors or outdoors with bright light. An easy indoor plant or the perfect outdoor patio potted plant.

This is a subtropical tree that will grow strong in warm weather and could grow over 60 ft if planted in the ground in a warm climate with no frost. Leaves grow to 5 - 10 inches.

When your root arrives, place it in a pot of soil, with the tip of the seed showing above the dirt. Water everyday. Keep soil moist but not wet. Well drained soil.

Your tree will need full to partial sun 6 to 8 hours per day. Direct afternoon sunlight.

Our plants are root packed in wet paper.

We are pleased to ship our beautiful plants to people that can't wait to receive them.

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